Sarah Halsrud

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In 2010, Sarah Halsrud started a small educational business. She had the necessary technical knowledge and drive to run her business, but was at a loss for marketing, and had what felt like a less-than-zero budget for such things as a website and advertising.

Sarah learned all she could about web design, target markets, branding, social media, and everything related to marketing she could think of. Business took off! Turns out, she enjoyed building websites and marketing much more than she enjoyed teaching, and so Right Action Marketing was born.

Seeing some of her entrepreneur friends pay large amounts of money for boring, ugly websites solidified for Sarah that this is an area many small business owners struggle with. She wants to change that!

With the belief that "a rising tide lifts all ships," Sarah is committed to helping fellow small business owners. Right Action Marketing offers reasonable pricing with effective results. 

Sarah loves living and working in her cabin in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. That may seem rustic and remote, but don't worry, she's got 24/7 high-speed internet to stay on top of all her clients' needs.

Sarah holds a Bachelor's degree from Iowa State University, and is experienced in sales, customer service, financial services, and project management, in addition to all that marketing stuff. 

Sarah enjoys bird-watching, water-coloring, yoga, and all manner of cookies and cakes. 

Sarah Halsrud, owner of Right Action Marketing

Sarah Halsrud, owner of Right Action Marketing


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